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Marlboro Gastroenterology Events

December 3, 2013. Marlboro Gastroenterology is pleased to announce the adoption of their new state-of-the-art electronic medical record, AthenaHealth. This new electronic medical record, or EMR, has many exciting features. IIt is HIPAA compliant [HIPAA is the acronym describing federal health care privacy rules]. It also empowers you, by allowing you direct access to your Marlboro Gastroenterology medical records. All you need to do is to create your own secure web portal. First, contact the office to obtain your temporary personal identification number or PIN, then, log onto the secure portal to set up your account: 7422.portal.athenahealth.com

May 28, 2014. Dr. Weiner's Ice Diet is featured in an on-line article in the Atlantic Magazine. See www.theicediet.com.

January 9, 2014. Dr. Weiner, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, is again teaching physical diagnosis for second year medical students, spring semester.

January 1, 2014. To celebrate the New Year, Dr. Weiner has released his new diet book, THE ICE DIET. Please go to www.theicediet.com for details on how to download your copy! 
October 25 ,2013. Marlboro Gastroenterology PC is honored to have been accepted as a site for a clinical study: "Observational, Matched Control Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients to Determine the Clinical Utility of Antibody Testing for Treatment Resistance in anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Treatment with Inflixamab [Remicade] or Adalimumab [Humera]". We are a local study site for this important nationwide study, to help to manage ulcerative colitis and Crohn's patients who are not responding well to medical therapy. The study is administered by Clinipace Worldwide and sponsored by Prometheus Labs. Dr. Weiner is the prinicpal investigator; Dr. Blaszka is co-investigator.

October 2, 2013. 
Dr. Weiner is proud to announce his selection as a "NJ Top Docs". This honor is bestowed after a review of physician credentials and patient reviews.
August 6, 2013. Dr. Weiner is selected as a "Top Gastroenterologist" by the Leading Physicians of the World and the International Association of Health Care professionals. According to Teresa Cartier, Assistant Director: "The Association has been designed to spotlight physicians that have demonstrated success and leadership in their profession..."

July 8, 2013. Dr. Weiner is reappointed to the Medical Staff of CentraState Medical Center. Per Dr. Brandeisky, Chief of Staff: "We express our appreciation for your contribution to the excellence of patient care offered at CentraState Medical Center."


Recently co-authorized by Freehold resident, Hina Balar, this book combines delcious recipes with a concern about health and nutrition. Please visit www.theingredientsmatter.com for more information!


July 1, 2013. UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is renamed Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. as part of its integration with Rutgers, the State University of NJ.

June 17, 2013. Dr. Weiner is reappointed as Clinical Assistant Professor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Per Dr. Amenta, Dean: "Your work in helping us to educate our students is exemplary".
June 3, 2013. Dr. Weiner celebrates his 22nd anniversary of the founding of his gastroenterology practice in Monmouth County, NJ.

May 31, 2013. Aetna has renewed the designation of Marlboro Gastroenterology PC as "Aexcel". This is a designation within their performance network. This designation is based in part on clinical performance and efficiency.

March 2013. National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

February 14, 2013. Mr. John Gribbin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CentraState Medical Center, in Freehold, NJ, sent a letter to Dr. Weiner, acknowledging his role as an attending physician in a team that provided personalized, excellent care to a hospitalized patient.

February 5-11, 2013. National Feeding Tube Awareness Week. Dr. Weiner cares for many patients with difficulties in swallowing, malnutrition, and a variety of gastrointestinal motiity problems, including gastroparesis. A variety of feeding tubes may be used to help these patients with their specific problems. From the website, focusing on the use of feeding tubes in children: http://www.feedingtubeawareness.org/:

"The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers with the information needed for day-to-day life with a tube fed child. Moreover, we strive to raise awareness so that children who are tube fed enjoy increased acceptance in society and parents have greater support in their care." 

January 17, 2013. Dr. Weiner, in his role as Clinical Assistant Profession of Medicine at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, welcomes his new second year medical students. Dr. Weiner, as he has done for many years in the past, is teaching physical diagnosis at the bedside.

November 20, 2012. Dr. Weiner is honored by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, elected as a Top Gastroenterologist. This will be published in their book The Leading Physicians of the World.

October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy hits the region. Our power was restored on November 5 and the telephone and fax lines were fully restored on November 19. We apologize for any inconveniences. As life in our immediate neighborhood is restored to normal, we express our prayers and best wishes for all of those still affected by this difficult time and the storm damages.

October 1, 2012. Stuart Ziegler, PA-C, physician's assistant, joins Marlboro Gastroenterology. Welcome!

June 2012. After over a decade of dedicated service, Denise DiPierri, RN, MSN, ANPC, nurse practitioner, resigns from Marlboro Gastroenterology. She also resigned as Administrator of the Manalapan Surgery Center.
February 3, 2012. Dr. Weiner, founder of the Manalapan Surgery Center [MSC], is reappointed as Medical Director. MSC is a two room NJ licensed and Medicare approved surgery center, located at 50 Franklin Lane, Suite 101, Manalapan, NJ 07726.

January 2012. Dr. Weiner, Clinical Assistant Professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, begins another semester of preceptor for second year medical student in their physical diagnosis course.

July 11, 2011
. Mr. John Gribbin, President and Chief Executive Officer of CentraState Medical Center, in Freehold, NJ, sent a letter to Dr. Weiner, acknowledging his role as an attending physician in a team that provided personalized, excellent care to a hospitalized patient.

June 3, 2011. Dr. Weiner celebrates the 20th anniversary of the founding of his gastroenterology practice, serving Marlboro/Manalapan and the surrounding communities of central NJ!

May 12, 2011. Asbury Park, NJ. Dr. Weiner addresses a group of medical professionals, discussing advances in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

February 21, 2011. March is the American Cancer Society Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Read Dr. Weiner's report on colon cancer, "Resolutions" and join your neighbors, sign up and let's really stamp out colon cancer!

February 21, 2011. - NEWS RELEASE - Dr. Weiner announces the availability of 'open access endoscopy, in collaboration with the Manalapan Surgery Center, PA. Your doctor can simply request a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy. Please see Open Endoscopy Program for details [click 'open access' tab above].

February 14, 2011. - NEWS RELEASE - Dr. Weiner honored by the American Gastroenterological Association, designated as AGAF, AGA Fellow, see news release for details.

February 2007. First 3 dimensional virtual colonoscopy performed in NJ, by Dr. Brian Weiner, at the Virtual Colonoscopy Company.

April 12, 2002. First gastric pacemaker procedure performed in NJ, treatment for gastroparesis, by Dr. Brian Weiner, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Dr. Brian C. Weiner, MD, MS, FACP, AGAF, and Ms. Denise DiPierri, RN, MSN, ANPC are committed to providing each patient with an exceptional level of care and attention, the most advanced gastroenterology care available in  Monmouth County, NJ. Our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding professionals take pride in paying close attention to each patient's needs.

Marlboro Gastroenterology  is conveniently located at 50 Franklin Lane, Manalapan, NJ, near the intersection of Route 9N and Gordons Corner Road. We are conveniently located in the same building as our affiliated surgery center, the Manalapan Surgery Center PA. [Medicare and NJ licensed].

We offer extended hours and endoscopic procedures on some weeknights and some Saturdays and Sundays. We accept same-day appointments and accomodate emergencies (based on availability).

Marlboro Gastroenterology accepts Medicare and most major insurance plans.

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